You already know that kiwifruit is great for you, but do you know why?

Vitamin C:  This antioxidant is very important in boosting our immune systems. Kiwifruit contains higher levels of vitamin C than oranges or any other fruit. It also helps the absorption of nonhaem iron (the iron found in non-meat foods). Vitamin C helps protect tissues from the effects of cell damage, ageing, growth and repair and of course helps in wound healing.

Vitamin E: Another great antioxidant found in kiwifruit. Green kiwifruit is a low fat source of vitamin E. Vitamin E also helps to protect the heart from disease
because it hinders the oxidisation of Cholesterol in the blood and also helps
to reduce the narrowing of the arteries. It also assists cleansing the body of


Folic Acid: This is one of the B group of vitamins and is used in the formation of DNA. It’s a crucial building block for life and for women and their babies before and during pregnancy. Folic acid makes for a healthy replacement of blood and skin cells and also helps to prevent heart disease.

Magnesium: This trace element can help to control conditions like diabetes and even assist with asthma. Magnesium, with calcium, further helps with keeping your bones strong. Magnesium creates energy in your body.

Fibre: Has a very important role to play in your body. Fibres maintain a healthy digestive system, and thereby enables the body to more effectively flush out harmful toxins like carcinogens.

Sodium / Potassium: Kiwifruit has the right balance and ratio of these minerals. Potassium is an essential mineral and helps with muscle and nerve regeneration. It may even help with reducing high blood pressure and hypertension. The balance of a high potassium / low sodium ratio is critical to maintaining the body’s fluid.

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