KiwiNuka® Vitamin C+

with Kiwifruit Enzyme

Aids the body’s absorption of minerals essential to immune defence

KiwiNuka® Vitamin C+ with Kiwifruit enzyme is a highly concentrated form of Vitamin C. Because the body doesn’t produce or retain Vitamin C on its own, constant and efficient sources of Vitamin C which can be ingested are essential; especially when we’re stressed or unwell.

The addition of kiwifruit enzyme supports the body’s ability to absorb the Vitamin C along with other vitamins and minerals essential to building a strong and healthy immune system.

KiwiNuka® Vitamin C+ comes in capsule form and is free from additives, fillers, and sugar – all of which significantly decrease the body’s ability to effectively absorb this vital vitamin. A buffered formulation, KiwiNuka® Vitamin C+ with Kiwifruit enzyme is gentle on the stomach.

Two 500mg capsules per day will see your immune defence fighting fit.




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