KiwiNuka® is a prebiotic which supports the growth of probiotics in the gut. Our formulation is 100% natural with no added sugars, flavourings, or colourings – just nature.

Our Manuka Honey is sourced from the rich floral nectar of wild native New Zealand Manuka. Our beehives are placed in remote pristine valleys, located close to the flowers of Manuka plants and fresh spring water to ensure purity and quality. While our kiwifruit is sourced from the Bay Of Plenty, renowned for the best kiwifruit in the world. The kiwifruit puree that goes into KiwiNuka® is 100% organic and of the Hayward variety.

Our KiwiNuka® Classic is a unique infusion of kiwifruit and Manuka honey, two of nature’s own best known for their health properties. Our shot supports healthy digestion, natural Immunity, and contributes to balancing gut bacteria.

Our yummy formula can be taken straight or mixed into your morning smoothie or juice. What better way to get a daily source of Vitamin C, antioxidants, anti-bacterial, and natural dietary fibre? We don’t know any!