Knowing what’s in the products you consume is hugely important. It has become even more so in recent years with the increasing use of pesticides, and other toxins in food growing and manufacturing.

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in the accidental inclusion of glyphosate residue in honey. Glyphosate is a synthetic chemical found in many pesticides, especially in the American produced RoundUp. However, it has been found that Glyphosate residue in products can have adverse health effects in those that consume it. 

At KiwiNuka we are committed to providing our customers with the very best that nature provides. As part of that philosophy, we strongly believe in sourcing ingredients that are as free from harmful pesticides and toxins as they possibly can be, consequently, we put the honey we use in our products through rigorous testing. The results? Our KiwiNuka honey has no detectable levels of glyphosate. 

So why are we telling you this? We firmly believe in keeping our consumers as informed about their health as we possibly can. After all, your health is our business, and we want to help you protect it.